Why are you so obsessed with me?!

Sometimes I just need to not be touched.  But these boys wannabethisclose about 90% of the time.  Holy shmokes!!  Like Barrett is touching me with his feet right now, I move my leg over 1/2 an inch and then he’s like slowly moving his foot back over to touch me.  HOLY CRAP.

I’ve been working on my ‘mom bod’ more lately than I have been.  Baby #2 has been waaaaay harder to like, get my groove back, or whatever.  By Barrett’s first birthday I had lost all of my pregnancy weight.  Well, Lance turns 1 in like 12 days.  I’ve barely lost like half of the weight!  Damn.  Getting old sucks!!  I was 28 (couple months away from 29) and 31 when I had Lance.  Do your 30’s suck that bad.  😛  Drinking hurts more.  I wanna be in bed by like 9:30.  I’d rather stay home than see people.  WHO AM I?!

There’s this thing in Yukon that’s a pretty big deal.  The Czech Festival.  When I first heart of this like 11 years ago when I moved to OKC I was like, why in the hell is there a festival about checks.  You know.  The kind you write.  My bad.  Duncan, OK didn’t talked about Czechs, that I can remember.  HA!  Anyway!  We cruised by there yesterday with Grandma, my MIL.  Apparently the parade is like frickin huge, but we missed all of that!  The boys and I shared a smoothie, we cruised around looking at all the booths, accidentally got in a jump house that you were supposed to pay for but we didn’t.  I swear the girl wasn’t there collecting $$ when we got there and B got in…HA!

We have a pretty busy week ahead that includes me being gone Friday and most of Saturday!  That gives me major anxiety but I’m ready!  Be around a bunch of fun, pretty girls and learn and have fun!


This is what Lance thought about the Czech Festival.  Look at those thighs!

LP asleep

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