Momma OUT!!

I was gone for a solid 36 or so hours over the weekend.  GLORIOUS!  It’s crazy how such a short getaway can recharge you and make you happier to change a diaper!  HA!! But really, having my own bed and quiet room was so dreamy!!  Took a shower without anyone coming in!  Makeup all over the table and nobody was grabbing for it!  Eye puffy heart emoji goes here!  😛

I was gone to a SeneGence Leaders Conference.  I was one of 1,800 female entrepreneurs really put into perspective what I didn’t really think was a big deal.  Such a strong supportive sisterhood that I’m very, very proud to be part of!  So many different personalities, styles, ideas and we just all mesh so well together!  You’re free to be an individual without  being judged on your looks!  Yes, I said people don’t judge you on your looks!  A cosmetics and skin care company where you can let your freak flag fly!  But really I’m pretty basic in my cardigan and flats but like I said, you can come as you are and there’s just so much love!

Anyhoo!  It’s getting cooler outside here in OK so that’s a huge plus!  We’ve been taking the boys to the park more.  Get some vitamin D, let them interact with other kids AND WEAR THEM OUT!  Holler.  I seriously feel a huge amount of pride when the boys both nap in the afternoon AND AT THE SAME TIME!  Barrett doesn’t nap in his MDO Pre K class so naps aren’t daily like they used to be!  Get older sucks.  HA!!

These are some pictures from a nature walk with Barrett’s buddy and his mommy.  They’re neighborhood friends and I’m really glad we met them!  We’ve been friends for about a year now I guess!  Having cool mom friends is fun. Martin Nature Park in OKC is also very fun!  Nice trails, wildlife, water and a playground!  We…used…portapotties…but at least there’s one big enough for the 3 of us and the stroller!  Can you imagine the cluster if we couldn’t all fit in one?!  But still they make me want to VOMIT.  EWWWW.  Then came a very successful nap time that included an encore nap from both kids on me on the couch.  Winning.



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