My baby is one!

I specifically remember making fun of one of my friends for crying when her youngest turned 1. Sorry, Trac! Here are some fun pictures from our weekend.  Lance is starting to learn what ‘CHEEEESE’ means when the camera comes out.  Look at those TEEF!!  My heart could burst sometimes.  Seriously.

I didn’t cry over Lances birthday but I definitely have all. the. feels.  Like, it’s the last first birthday we’ll celebrate.  Ok, I might cry now since I just typed that.  Shit.  Mommin is hard!  Anyway, his birthday was the Friday the 20th (the same birthday as the amazing doctor, Dr. Goff, that delivered him) and we partied here at the house on Saturday then Sunday morning we decided to go to the zoo since it was going to be suuuuper nice outside!  It was seriously the perfect family trip.  It was also nice having Luke with use because he misses out on a lot of fun stuff since me and the boys are together so much!

If there’s anything I’ve learned about kids parties it’s to keep it simple.  When Barrett turned 1, I was running a store front business working 60-70 hours a week and handmade almost all of the Mickey Mouse décor.  And spent hours the morning of the party decorating my sisters house for it to all come down in like 10 minutes after the party.  Why do things have to be so extreme!  Needless to say we have NOT done a party like that since then!  For Barrett or for Lances first party!  I did make Lances cake, like I’d attempted to do for Barrett but that was a disaster!  Who knew cake pans shouldn’t be filled to the top?  I sure as hell didn’t.  😛  But see my last minute, let me add something to these red lips, Mickey lips?!  Thanks, LipSense!  Blu Red and Blackberry for the win!

Barrett is allupinmybusiness and I’m sure Lance will be up soon sooo I better wrap things up.  gbye!


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