Life Lately.

Woah where did I go?!  But really so much has happened over the past 10 months or so!  Lots of changes.  My sister got married!  I started working at the boys Mothers Day Out program!  We moved!  Lots of ups and downs and laughs and tears and trips and fun!  Lots of life!

Speaking of traveling I just booked a pretty last minute trip to Laguna Beach!  I leave in a few short weeks!  I have so much planned and can’t wait to see how this helps me help others!  I’ve realized that going after MY goals is one of the best things I can do for ME and my family!  Moms can get so much shit for basically everything.  No matter how they choose to work or not work.  Corporate world, home based businesses, store front businesses, running their home, whatever it may be!  It’s easy to judge!  I get it!  Doesn’t make it right.  We need to life each other up!  Support one another!  Help one another!  We are all in this together trying to be the best we can be for our families!  Everyone is different.  YOU are different!  Embrace it!


A lot has changed in our marriage.  I honestly think out of our 6 years of marriage this year has been the ‘best’ so far.  I say ‘best’ because we still both have a lot of work to do! It’s taken this long for us to work with one another and not against one another all the freakin time.  Isn’t that crazy?  It kind of is when I think it and especially now writing it.  It’s still not easy but we are working on it!  One thing that has helped us is something so simple.  So stupid simple yet I know we weren’t the only ones neglecting it!  DATE NIGHT.  We are in between sitters now so it hasn’t happened much and it sucks!  Date night yall.  Much cheaper and more fun than divorce!  Or therapy!  Although I am a believer in therapy too 😛

Why am I still up? It’s like midnight! I need to go to bed yall.  Plus my laptop is fixing to die so you’re welcome.





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