Warrior Woman

Almost a week ago I cruised on out to California for an event that you can say…changed my life!!



Over a year ago my husband, Luke, somehow discovered a program called Warrior On Fire.  I don’t even remember how he found it.  Google?  Facebook?  Whatever it was I am extremely grateful.  He started doing a bunch of weird stuff.  Meditating.  Sending me nice texts.  Doing more at home and work. Producing.  Taking me on dates.  It took me probably 6-8 months before I started believing these changes were actually legit.

I’m 100% certain this, and his hard work, have saved our marriage.

Fast forward to now.  The very first Warrior Women conference just ended.  I feel empowered.  Confident.  Strong.  Certain.  All things I hadn’t felt in years.  YEARS.  I am thankful for the opportunity to go.  To learn.  To grow.  To do the same things my husband has been doing to transform into the man I’ve needed but didn’t exist.

Our marriage isn’t perfect.  It never will be.  Perfection is a lie.    But it’s a 180 from what it was this time last year.  And for that.  I am thankful!



This was the view from the park in front of the resort I was at.  Do you ever get away on your own?  Without your husband.  Without your kids.  I think it’s totally healthy to go do something on your own.  I didn’t even know anyone at the convention prior to going!  I suggest everyone, at least once a year if not more, get out and do something big by yourself!  I had four nights in the hotel alone.  Quiet room.  Bed to myself.  No diapers to change.  Pretty incredible!!



My top 5 tips for reviving your marriage.  In no particular order.

  1. Date nights
  2. Do things for yourself and by yourself
  3. Find your and your spouses love languages
  4. Encourage one another to chase your dreams
  5. Get away (at least one night) with your spouse


I’ll work on breaking these down more and what’s worked for us! Stay tuned.

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