Marriage Monday-Date Night

My 1st tip.  Date Night.  Seems so easy, right?  I’m amazed at how many couples don’t actually do this.  Or just don’t do it enough.  Our goal is once a week.  It’s been more like every 2 weeks lately but I’ll take that over nothing!

We had literally years, maybe even our whole marriage, neglecting this.  Shit.  For over 5 years we didn’t date one another.  Something that seems so simple was so overlooked.  We’d gone and done some stuff by ourselves, sure.  But it was usually tied to some sort of work function.  Or with other people.  That does NOT count as quality time with your SO.

After 5 1/2 years of marriage Luke started taking me on dates.  We didn’t even really know what it was like to go on a date anymore.  I really didn’t even want to go at first.  I’d want to cancel them last minute for probably the first month.  It felt weird, fake and I just was uneasy about it.  It was usually fun after we got out but him wanting to do something with me was just a hard thing to accept!

The ugly truth is we were so torn and so far apart I didn’t know if this was a waste of time or not.  I knew we needed it and he did too.  I knew it was a start of what we needed to repair years of neglect.  We were so bad at dating we’d usually just go to dinner and then go back to the office and work until it was time to go get the kids.

I totally suggest taking turns planning date night.  It doesn’t have to even cost much.  Just take time to go do something together.  Find a sitter and go to a park and have a long walk and picnic if money is an issue!  We’ve tried some new things like a workout class together (free date!), painting class and this weekend we went to a MMA fight to see his friend fight.



He even won!  So that’s super cool!  It was way out of my comfort zone but it was interesting but I’d probably go again if Luke wanted to.  The fight was at a Casino so we ate at the {kinda crappy, maybe I just ordered the wrong thing?} restaurant and played a couple machines before the fight.  I actually won enough to pay the babysitter!



We got a whopping one picture together and before I took it Luke was like, “I’m trying to watch the fight!”  We really know romance.  ❤  He’d been sick so he was on day 2 of steroids and the casino was super smoky, duh.  Probably wasn’t the best thing for him!  But the fights were outside and you couldn’t smoke in the circus tent it was in so that’s a plus.



Next week I’ll talk about tip #2.  Doing things for yourself!

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