Marriage Monday-Stop being a wife all the time

You heard me right! You’re more than just a wife and/or a mom!

You HAVE to do things FOR yourself and BY YOURSELF!

I totally lost Ashley.  I was just ‘Luke’s wife’ then ‘mom’ and the Ashley I knew was nonexistent.  The independent, get shit done, strong, living life to the fullest girl I once was didn’t exist anymore.  I was in survival mode.  I worked and worked to make life easier for everyone else and neglected myself.

It’s scientifically proven that having time away to yourself makes you a better wife and mom.  Because Luke literally told me one day that “You’re really kicking ass this week with me, the kids and house.”  And that’s science.  You know why?  I’d just been gone overnight the Saturday before!  I didn’t have to be a mom or wife!  I went to dinner and had a few drinks with my sister then went downtown to relax and stay the night in a fancy hotel with her for a girls weekend!  Just like we used to always do!!

I’ve been trying to do these overnight things once every couple of months at least.  And make time to go do something by myself at least once a week!  Luke goes next month and December for some time away.  And he takes time to do ‘Luke’ things during normal life too!

It’s been easier for us to plan these type of overnight getaways because we don’t have to worry about a sitter.  But in reality we need to do getaways together.  That’s on the top of my to do list!

Things we can do to save and build our marriages is much easier than I ever thought!



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