Being the mom I always needed

{one of my} Main goals in life.

Be the mom I always needed.

To be a strong female influence.  Show my babies unconditional love.  Show them stability.  Show them what a strong marriage looks like.  So they know how to make one work when they’re in a relationship.  I want my kids to know I always have their back.  Want them to trust me.  To be able to talk to me about anything.  For them to not worry about my moods.  For them to know home is a safe place.  For them to not worry about if they’ll get to school on time.  For them to know I’ll be there to pick them up from school.  Or Girl Scouts.  Or your friends house.  Shit kids shouldn’t have to worry about.




Look at my glowing baby after his first ever soccer goal in a game last weekend.  It’s so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.  The blonde is my outspoken baby.  He is totally different than his brother was.  FEISTY!!  And the husband.  My world in one picture.  The reasons I/we work so hard on ourselves is to be the best we can be for each other, for our businesses, for our future.

Go out and make a difference.  Do good.  Be good.



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