Marriage Monday-Love Languages

Do you know your love language?  Do you know your SO’s love language?  You should!  I am not even kidding, they’re so real.  You can not make people feel love the way you want to give it.  It doesn’t work that way.

I would rather someone wash my car than buy me flowers.  Doesn’t that kind of sound ridiculous?  It does to me!  But buying me things is awesome and all but doing something for me means a million times more to me.  Gifts are like #4 out of 5 on my love language.



This right here.  I came home from an overnight getaway and Luke had bought some trees (and a John Deere, but whatever 😛 ) and that meant more to me than if he had a bouquet of flowers waiting for me.  Home improvement + planting a tree I’d always wanted at my own house = acts of service and my heart being full.  We bought this old house earlier this year.  I knew a weeping willow would look PERFECT in front!  It’s already gotten so big and will be even bigger by the time we get the house the way we want it.  It’ll be so perfect.

NOW on the other hand my husbands love language is physical touch.  Go figure, right?!  I’m certain probably every mans #1 is physical touch?!  This is actually my last love language.  Damn.  Still have to make that work!  Fill that love tank up and it makes life much more enjoyable!


You can just google ‘5 love languages’ and find the online test to take.  Go ahead and send it to your love and even do it with your kids!

In the meantime look at these boys.  All 3 of the gross, loud, annoying things that I love the most.  Who are currently all asleep in MY bed.  But I guess I’ll just work later and then go sleep by myself in the boys bed.  Sometimes there is a silver lining. ❤



Til next time,


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