Mom Boss

Firm believer in this.  When I have time away from my husband and kids I’m a much better wife and mom.

I spent a few days away at a leadership event with the company I work for from home.  My 3 year anniversary with them was last month.  I started when I owned a store front business.  Continued after I sold that business during my second pregnancy.  Stayed home for a year after I had him now work part time at a job I can be at WITH my kids and still have all the time in the word with them.  Because of this company!

Denna and I decided to go full twin mode with our outfits; for the first time in probably 25 years, one day.  😛


I’m not sure she was totally comfortable with a collared shirt but I LOVE them!  Who was that one Desperate Housewives lady that always wore a button up?  I’m that one.  Minus the scandal.

Did I tell you Rachel Hollis was our Keynote on Friday.  My.  Heart.  I wish I could have hugged her.  I love here.  Her style.  Her voice.  Her hair.  I’m a total creeper I’m realizing.  I’ll stop now.


Being in the top 10% of a company is kind of mind blowing.  Especially since I wasn’t EVER going to be part of something like this.  It just kind of happened and I know it did for a reason.  More than one I’m sure!




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