Marriage Monday-Sex

This is a simple, below the belt, get down to business post.


Men, if you think you just deserve sex from your wife you are an idiot.

Women, if you think sex is a weapon you can use to hurt your husband you are an idiot.

And sadly, I bet if you are reading this, chances are you have done one of these things.

Haven’t we all?

Guys, listen up.  If you want your wife to have sex with you on the reg, you better start doing stuff FOR HER.  And not sexual right now.  I guarantee most of your wives would be more than willing to get on top of you if you did more around the house.  Don’t half ass it either.  Do some shit.  Fix the garbage disposal that has been broken for over a year, take out the trash, wash her car and while you’re at it, clean the thing too and get those kids away from her from time to time!

Ladies, if you haven’t had sex with your man in weeks or months you need to speak up.  Tell him your needs aren’t being met.  I’d say 90% of the time you don’t feel loved or appreciated in your marriage and you’ve just cut him off completely.  Which I really don’t blame you.  Meaningless sex in marriage is depressing.  You didn’t get married for that.  But you’re going to have to open up the communication gate and get this ball rolling to find the happiness again.  The more sex a man has the more shit he’s going to get done.  Fact!

Now go get some stuff done for your spouse and have more sex.  It’ll make the world, and your marriage, a better place.



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