Christmas Morning Tradition

Since we had our first baby, in 2014, we’ve had Christmas Breakfast at our house with our families. We usually have 4-8 extra people with us Christmas morning for breakfast.

The one thing I always make sure to have on the table is the bowl of sausage balls! They’re delicious and a hit with everyone!

This will be our first Christmas in the new house! When I say new I mean our new to us, fixer upper! Notice my counters, cook top and cabinets in the picture. We love it here. I’m actually working on rearranging the kitchen and picking out shelf paper today. I’m torn on stripes or gingham patterns. Black and white either way!

Anyhoo! Here’s my simple, 4 ingredient recipe! I can not wait for Christmas this year!


Start by preheating your oven to 400°

1 lb hot sausage

1 8 oz package cream cheese {softened}

1-1 1/4 C bisquick

1ish C shredded cheddar cheese

I use out Kitchen Aid mixer to mix all of the ingredients together. Then roll in to 1 inch balls and place on large cookie sheet. Bake for 20 minutes. One batch makes around 24 sausage balls. We usually have 2-3 batches! I’m serious when I say everyone loves them!

*Prep ahead by mixing ingredients, rolling in to balls and placing in the refrigerator until ready to cook!

**If you can’t get all of the cheese from the bottom of the bowl just turn off your mixer, get the mixture off of the mixer attachment and turn mixer back on. The mixture should pick up what’s left on bottom!


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